When spring arrives one of the first flowers to greet you is tulips!

This is such a simple flower to grow. They start from a bulb, and grow into a beautiful flower! I’ve always been very laid back with planting mine and they come up every year. 
I plant mine in the fall, but to be honest I have planted them as late as January as well. They will be they will be dormant during the cold weather. At the first signs of spring you will see tiny green shoots emerging from the dirt. 

To plant:

Plant in a spot with full sun. I start with good, well draining soil and plant the bulbs around 6 inches deep. I typically space them 4 – 6 inches apart. 
I mix compost into the dirt I plant them in. This is just manure I have composted from our animals, but if you do not have that then you can give them a little liquid fertilizer at planting only. These little bulbs have their own storage system and contain all of the nutrients they need for one year. 
Honestly I never water these bulbs. I put them in the ground and forget about them until spring. 
Once you see the tiny green shoots emerging it’s never long before they spring up into flowers! I enjoy this process so much since I’ve waited and waited for gardening season and this is the first bit of excitement I get from that! 

TYPE: PERENIALTulips are perennials, but many gardeners dig them up once they are done blooming and will replant in the fall.
You can cut your tulips any time, but if you want your tulips to come back next year you will need to leave the green foliage in place. If you allow it to remain attached to the bulb this gives it the ability to build up energy for next year’s bloom!


  1. Tulips are apart of the lily family
  2. The buds of a tulip are known for being almost perfectly symmetrical
  3. The Netherlands are the largest producers of tulips in the world
  4. If you have a patio or balcony, tulips are perfect for you! Plant them in pots!
  5. Tulips only bloom 5-7 days in spring