About Us

Hi friends, welcome to our little blog!

 I am Angel Turner. If you love cows and flowers we’ll get along just fine. 

I live in the foot hills of Tennessee with my husband Gabe and our three kids Bella, Colton and Callen. We did something pretty wild and bought an old farm well over 100 years old. The farmhouse is our passion project that we are working on while we build our dream farm. In the meantime we are living in a camper and I have to say I absolutely love it! I actually didn’t realize how much I would. But there is something about living with little materialistic things, but lots of time outside with family. It was a scary leap of faith, but we trusted God and he has proven again his will is best!

We previously lived in a mountain holler for over 10 years where we had a small homestead. I had chickens, pigs, ducks, rabbits, a sheep and even dairy cows! Now we didn’t have pasture so we did the whole hay feeding year round and it was defiantly a real learning experience. Sometimes you have to work with what you got and we really know the meaning of that. Our place wasn’t great for animals and the ground had to really be worked to grow food. But through all those years of trial and error it really prepared us for now. 

When I started this blog I never dreamed it would grow into a community of so many incredible women that join together for a monthly class to learn more about a more simple lifestyle. We keep things very old fashioned because that just the way we like it! Thankfully many of ya’ll do to and I am so happy you have found us!