About Us

I’m so happy you’re here! Our family – Gabe and Angel plus our kids Bella (9), Colten (5) Callen (2) love living the simple country life on a little 15 acre farm in the beautiful hills of Tennessee. We are a homeschool family, but firmly think the best of learning is to be done outside in nature where we spend most of our time. We raise our kids wild, free ranged and barefoot! 
You’ve walked in on our farm journey that is only just beginning. It’s unfolding slowly but surely, thanks to the good Lords help. We do everything ourselves around here so it isn’t fancy, but it gets the job done. We believe that a person learns through experience and sometimes you just gotta begin somewhere. Starting small, but always thinking big is how we pursue our dreams! We aren’t professional and can only offer information based on what we’ve learned so far during our journey. Gardening, milking cows, country cooking, raising animals and just plain real life are most of what you’ll see around here! We keep it simple and homemade most of the time.

Some of the most beautiful views to be seen are those around a farm with cows grazing in the fields, a beautiful country breakfast sizzling on the stove and sunsets on a long empty road. So I like to snap photos of those moments from time to time and share the stories behind them. Nothing too complicated here, just some old fashioned folks who like to find magic in the ordinary of every day life. 
Of course our lives are not perfect and like everyone else we experience our fair share of difficulties, but we have found that in keeping God first and family second He helps us through anything that comes down the road and we’re always stronger for it. But my hope for this page is to keep things real and encourage you along the way in your homestead journey! I want you to step out of your comfort zone and grow that garden, get some chickens, build the fence…even if it is a bit crooked like ours!