Growing Strawberries


Try fresh grown strawberries one time and there is no going back. They just hit different. The beautiful thing about strawberries is you can grow them easily yourself! They are perennials (meaning they come back every year) that have a life span of 4-5 years while producing seeds and runners to keep them reproducing. Every few years I will add in new plants here and there just to keep them going. 
They are a beautiful edible ground cover that can be added into your cottage garden! Be sure they have plenty of room because these guys will take off and cover everything. However I don’t mind having strawberry plants everywhere so I just let them do their thing in the garden! If you want them confined to their own space consider a box just for the plants.
Strawberries can be grown in call types of regions ( hardy in zone 3-10). Whether you a large yard space or just a porch you can still enjoy these guys! 

There are three types of strawberries to consider growing


These type of berries will produce fruit, buds, and runners nonstop spring to summer as long as the temps remain between 35 – 85 degrees.


June-bearing berries only produce during June. They give a big harvest of fruit all at once. Though it is nicer to have berries growing all season long, this variety tends to grow the largest fruit! 


The ever-bearing berries produce two harvests in a year. Once in June and then once more during late summer.


They are super tolerant of any soil, but would prefer loamy soil. I apply aged manure to my ground before planting. But make sure the area is well-draining. Clay will keep the soil wet and create root rot in your plants.


The best time to plant strawberries is after the last frost. Typically that is between March and April. You just do not want your ground frozen.


They are not picky plants. I find they require the very basics. A sunny spot, enough water to keep them moist each week, and if you want to keep your fruits from rotting you can apply mulch on the ground. This will also help retain water in the soil.


Strawberries work great in hanging planters and pots! I have planted tall flowers in pots (like gladiolas) then planted the strawberries all around and it was so cute! 
This is another plant that is great for kids. Bella has had her own strawberry patch for 4 years now and it’s been so fun for her! Remember this is a perennial so you will be enjoying them for years to come!
Happy gardening friends!