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So what is the insiders community exactly?

We like to call this community “Farming the Beautiful Basic’s”

If you’re like me, when our family started homesteading I wanted to know how to do everything, but I had to start with the basics. I also soon realized there was so much beauty in nature. So here with are with Farming the Beautiful Basics!





Beginning your homestead journey can feel intimidating since there seems to be so much to learn. That’s where our membership comes in! 


We want to take ONE topic every month and lay it all out in easy to understand videos and step by steps. But you will also have access to all the previous months gone by as well!


Here you’re not learning from a professional, but rather another family who decided to whole heartedly pursue this way of life for our family. This knowledge has been learned through MUCH trial and error.Truly once you get the basics down it opens the door for you to pursue farming as far as you want to take it. Creating a self sustainable lifestyle that benefits your family mentally, physically and spiritually. This is something we set out to learn a few simple things about, but it has become our way of life. 

Don’t own a lot of land?

Live in a city or suburb? 

Only have a small garden?

Don’t harvest 100% of your own food? 


NOT A PROBLEM! We want to reach people like you!


This is your place to LEARN! Whether you live in the country or middle of a suburban neighborhood, we are here to help you fit homesteading into your lifestyle! 

We want to meet you where you are!

What do you get from the beautiful basics club?

  • A Video class focusing on our monthly topic
  • Blog posts teaching more about our topic 
  • Printable Recipes
  • Access to all previous classes!
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Monthly Membership $14.99 per Month. Select
Yearly Membership $150.00 per Year. Select

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