Growing Sunflowers

Of all the flowers these are the happiest ones! Birds, bees and people alike all love these towering beauties. But you know what is really amazing about them? The amount of care they take to grow(which happens to be next to none). They are not picky about their soil, and are more than happy to let the rain give them the drink they need to grow. If you plant a sunflower in a nice sunny spot they will almost always grow! When I plant my sunflowers each year, once I put them in the ground I leave them along! I don’t even water my sunflowers! So lets take a look at this simple flower that brings so much joy to the garden.


First thing is first. You need sunflower seeds. And ill let you in on a secret. Check with your local co-op stores. While you’ll pay $4-$5 per packet of just a few seeds at the store you usually can order by the pound from a co-op. I buy my seeds through ours for $10 per pound.

  • Like I said, they are not soil picky.
  • As long as your soil drains you can drop your seeds just about anywhere!

Once my seeds are planted in a SUNNY

(must be sunny) place I leave the rain to water them.

This was the result of our waiting! Beautiful 14-16 feet sunflowers!

These are mammoth seeds and grow so very tall.

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